User FAQs

FAQs about Threely Companion end-user application and Threely addresses.

Is my Threely address unique? Is it an NFT? Do I own it?

Yes, your Threely address is unique and can only be owned by you. A Threely address is a DID and a non-fungible token (NFT) that are minted on the Super Layer. Threely addresses are stored by their owners in their wallets across many chains. No third party, including Threely can change, revoke or remove them.

Are Threely addresses free? Is there a renewal period?

Yes, Threely addresses are free for end-users. All Threely addresses are minted one time and have no renewal period. If a Threely address is inactive (no logins, lookups and transactions) for more than 4 years, It is burned and can be minted again by other users.

Can I sell my Threely address?

Not immediately, but we do have of selling, trading, auctioning and bidding of Threely addresses as NFTs on the roadmap based on consumer demand. Want to request more features?

Is Threely Companion a wallet extension?

No, Threely Companion is a web application. We will also be releasing iOS and Android applications shortly after launch.

Can I create more wallets?

Threely automatically creates wallets across multiple chains for you upon the creation of your Threely address. You can also manually create or import wallets using Threely Companion.

Is my Threely profile public? Are there privacy settings?

Your Threely Address will always be publicly indexed and can be searched by anybody. However, any information — like your bio, social links, showcase badges and NFTs that you chose to add to your profile can be adjusted based on your privacy settings. You can make your profile publicly visible, visible to your circle, or visible to only the users you follow.

How can I use Threely address to connect into other DApps? What if a dApp doesn't support Threely?

DApps refer to decentralized applications that require you to connect your wallet to log-in. There are two ways for you to use your Threely address to log in:
When DApps already have Threely Enter integrated, you'll see the familiar login screen used to log-in to Threely.
When dApps don't have Threely Enter integrated, you can connect through WalletConnect by setting up WalletConnect in Threely Companion.

Where's my private key (seed phrase)?

Your private and public data including your private keys and seed phrases are stored on Threely Super Layer in a decentralized, encrypted storage that only you can access. You will be able to export your wallets from settings>

Can I delete my wallet?

Blockchain wallets cannot be deleted as they are on the blockchain and only you have access to them. We can, however, delete the personal data associated with Threely. Once this is deleted it cannot be reversed.