Threely Companion

A chain-agnostic world with no wallets and extensions to juggle. Names to share, not hashes. Automated, Impeccable user experience and safety nets wielding true, isolated decentralization.

Meet Threely

Threely Companion, our end-user web application, is your Web3 companion with an automated, impeccable user experience built on truly decentralized systems. User experience is everything at Threely. Not only does Threely aim to onboard Web3-natives but also the non-natives, and to do that, we're building to let users do everything they like and less of what they don't. Threely fosters several end-user comprehensive solutions, all powered by Threely Super Layer, that we'll get into on a high level below.

Threely Address

A Threely Identity is a blockchain-agnostic 3-word address separated by 2 periods. For Ex: build.on.threely,, Threely Address is a user's entry point to the Threely ecosystem, including Threely Companion and its functions and Threely Build. An end-user is prompted to create (mint) a Threely address upon entering our ecosystem through our native application or ecosystem dApps.
Threely Addresses go way beyond DIDs.
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Threely Profile

Upon entering the Threely Ecosystem after creating a Threely address, the user gets access to their Threely profile. A Threely profile can be used as your Web3 homepage or a hub for your Web3 activity. With the ability to view a user's on-chain and off-chain assets, media, and social information, showcase your achievements like NFTs, assets, and more, Threely brings a SocialFi aspect to its users. Profiles bring the ability to send messages, send, recieve and request transactions using on-chain communication to users across Web3 using Threely.

Automated Wallet and dApp Management

Threely is UX-first and staying aligned with our principal values, we're building a fully automated wallet and dApp management flow. To this end, we have developed a fully automated wallet and dApp management flow that removes the need for users to manually manage their private keys and addresses.
Upon creating a Threely address, hundreds of blockchain wallets are generated for the user by Threely, in an isolated decentralized compute function (Super Layer), far from the client machine, across 300+ blockchains networks. Isolation of information ensures the security and privacy of user data. Users don't have to manually write down their private keys or manage their public addresses, as all is done securely on the Super Layer.
Threely offers automatic multi-wallet creation and private data storage and management alongside chain and L2 additions and changes, so the end-users never experience the processes that happen behind the scenes. Threely offers effortless payments based on the optimal chain, fees, gas-related values, and congestion using automated gas oracle running predictions for multiple blockchain networks.
Finally, Threely provides a rich and convenient view of all of a user's connected dApps, as well as any recurring payments or signed smart contracts. Users can easily view and revoke access to these dApps with a single click and can receive alerts, messages, and broadcasts on all of their devices.


User data throughout its journey is distributed and encrypted with robust ACL. Fraud detection, access control, audits, and bounties are insured by the best.
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Check out a video overview of Threely Companion.
Threely Companion Demo