Threely Address

Onboarding the world to Web3 with universal Threely Identities.

Beyond Identities

A Threely Address is a blockchain-agnostic 3-word address separated by 2 periods. For Ex: build.on.threely,, Threely Address is a user's entry point to the Threely ecosystem, including Threely Companion and its functions and Threely Build. An end-user is prompted to create (mint) a Threely address upon entering our ecosystem through our native application or ecosystem dApps.
Threely addresses

Universal Decentralized Identity

Gateway to Web3 — Upon the creation of a Threely Address, hundreds of blockchain wallets across 300+ blockchains are securely generated using isolated decentralized computation on the Threely Networks Layer (read Super layer). Threely positions itself as a gateway to Web3.

Data Transportation to Addresses

Moving forward, Threely addresses can be used as your universal DID and profile across Web3. Peers can follow, send, gift, drop and request transactions, messages, and other on-chain metadata from you. Privacy settings also allow for certain options to be restricted (such as request payments) for users outside of your Web3 circle.

Reusable KYC

Alongside using Threely as your Web3 profile, you can log in (connect your wallet) to dApps using Threely Enter. Threely Enter allows users to log in to dApps without wallet extensions using your Threely Address. To facilitate an even richer onboarding experience across horizons, Threely facilitates its users to share their reusable Zero Knowledge KYC Signature to the dApps if they require it. This reusable zkKYC is a self-sovereign identity where users are truly in charge of their identity and have the ability to only disclose certain parts of their identity in an obfuscated Zero Knowledge setup.
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