Threely Build and levels of integration

We believe dApp development should be as straightforward as possible. Threely's plug-and-play solutions are all-in-one, low-code functions built to optimize applications utilizing the features of Threely Super Layer while facilitating a set-and-forget developer experience. We believe in consistency and openness, as our libraries are built on open standards.

Our solutions prioritize consistency and transparency, as they are constructed using open standards. These libraries are composable at the core (learn Co-existing with other DID Stacks). Furthermore, our solutions possess the ability to be extended and merged to ensure maximum reusability and composability.

There are three methods to integrate Threely — community, dApp, and protocol-level integrations.

  • Community level -- DAOs, friends, and Web3 communities without functioning dApps can provide their users with branded Threely Identities by using the Build Dashboard in a no-code environment.

  • dApp level -- dApps can access all Threely Build solutions by integrating Threely Link via APIs or SDKs. This allows dApps to access the Super Layer to execute cross-chain functions.

  • Protocol level -- Protocols can integrate Threely Link on an infrastructure level (either blockchain or core dApps and wallets) to enable Threely Build solutions natively to their protocol and its builders and users.

    • Protocol-level integration using Threely Link enables Threely solutions to dApps on the protocol natively. Usage and metrics can be tracked using your protocol dashboard.

    • Ecosystem dApps can also utilize Threely Link to access all Threely Build solutions.

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