Threely Build and levels of integration
We believe dApp development should be as straightforward as possible. Threely's plug-and-play solutions are all-in-one, low-code functions built to optimize applications utilizing the features of Threely Super Layer while facilitating a set-and-forget developer experience. We believe in consistency and openness, as our libraries are built on open standards.
Our plug-and-play solutions are flexible and capable of being wrapped upon custom protocols. These solutions are extendable, support merging, wrapping, synchronizing, and co-exist with custom protocols, allowing for reusability and composability.
There are three methods to integrate Threely — community, dApp, and protocol-level integrations.
  • Community level -- DAOs, friends, and Web3 communities without functioning dApps can provide their users with branded Threely Identities by using the Build Dashboard in a no-code environment.
  • dApp level -- dApps can access all Threely Build solutions by integrating Threely Link via APIs or SDKs. This allows dApps to access the Super Layer to execute cross-chain functions.
  • Protocol level -- Protocols can integrate Threely Link on an infrastructure level (either blockchain or core dApps and wallets) to enable Threely Build solutions natively to their protocol and its builders and users.
    • Protocol-level integration using Threely Link enables Threely solutions to dApps on the protocol natively. Usage and metrics can be tracked using your protocol dashboard.
    • dApps can also utilize Threely Link to cross-communicate with other blockchains.
Levels of integration

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