Developer FAQs

How do I reach the team at Threely?

Tell us about your project, and ask us any technical questions you have.

Where can I suggest features and see the roadmap?

If you find issues with the documentation or have suggestions on how to improve the documentation or the project in general, please submit a request (Canny) for us on our feature requests board. This allows us to triage issues appropriately, track demand across users, and align requested changes with our roadmap - which is also featured on Canny.

How do I get started?

Threely Build is free and self-service. To integrate, use our Integration form.

How is Threely free?

We donโ€™t charge users or small to medium businesses. We charge enterprises who require large usage to Threely Build.

Is Threely non-custodial?

Yes. DApps nor Threely have access to user data without their permission.

How many wallets get created per user?

Threely creates three of every wallet per blockchain per user at signup. Later, as more dApps are connected to the user, we have no limit to creating wallets.

Can users use their Threely address/wallets on different DApps?

Threely is integrated with WalletConnect. As long as other DApps support WalletConnect or Threely Build, your users can log in with the same Threely address/wallet, porting their digital identity with them.

Can users export their private keys?

Yes, by using Threely Companion. We plan to create secure APIs for developers to enable PK export through their platform.

Is Threely audited?

Yes, by one of the most highly regarded Web3 audit firms.

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