Use cases

Threely Identities are what you make of them. Superpower your community, Fortune 100, or hundred friends.

Branded Hyper-local Community Identities

Threely Build offers hyper-local branded Threely Identities - these identities are branded and personalized for the community group by configuring the first word in the 3-word combination to their liking, in most cases, the organization identifier. This is comparable to how Google workspace works with your as an email domain.

These universal identities and profile pages can be used across Web3 for your dApp's users, infrastructure developers, protocol team members, DAO's community, NFT holders, friend groups, smart contracts, causes, and more.

Verified Addresses and Profiles

Verified profiles and Identities can be used by businesses, creators, influencers, and organizations diving into Web3. Verified identities make it easy for your audience to search and find you using a universal address across all blockchains. These identities could be your dApp's crypto deposit address, a donation page, a smart contract address, or simply your Threely profile address.

Threely profiles for businesses are verified profile pages that showcase your business, creator page, NFTs, drops, accept payments and recurring payments, and more. These profiles can belong to your core team members, official pages, and more — Threely is what you make of it. Learn more about various use cases.

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