Reusable zkKYC

The last time you'll ever have to KYC in Web3

Reusable KYC

Threely, at its core, is built to reduce friction in onboarding, wallet management, identities, and the user lifecycle in Web3. While Threely Enter bridges a great gap in dApp onboarding, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes still act as another friction layer in a dApp's onboarding flow. KYC and AML processes required by applications are clunky and may seem uninviting and intimidating to new users using Web3 dApps.

As an identity that inherently works universally across all blockchains, Threely also acts as a universal, reusable KYC signature for its users. Threely facilitates its users to share their reusable Zero Knowledge KYC Signature to the dApps, if and when they require it. This reusable zkKYC is a self-sovereign identity where users are truly in charge of their identity and have the ability to only disclose certain parts of their identity in an obfuscated Zero Knowledge setup.

We envision a world of self-sovereign identity where individuals are truly in charge of their identity and can decide what part of their ID they want to disclose. Below is an activity diagram of dApps requiring a user's KYC data, how Threely facilitates it the first time, and how its Zero Knowledge Proof is retrieved from the Access Data Store.

Activity Diagram

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