Co-existing with other DID Stacks

Composable by Design

Threely's plug-and-play solutions, like Threely Identity, are flexible and capable of being wrapped up with other DID solutions. Threely identities are extendable — we can co-exist with other identity platforms by wrapping their domains onto Threely addresses and also merge with certain identity stacks.

Wrapping other Identity Stacks onto Threely addresses

Threely Identity is a plug-and-play DID solution that is composable and capable of being wrapped upon with other DID solutions by design. Threely welcomes the users of Web3 to an extendable and collaborative dimension of novel digital identities by enabling users to ‘wrap’ their non-Threely DIDs (ENS, Unstoppable Domains, Bonfida, and more) onto universal Threely addresses.

Identity stacks documented below are wrappable on Threely addresses to allow users to use their non-Threely identity universally while inheriting all of Threely's features.

  • Ethereum Name Service (.eth)

  • Unstoppable Domains (.crypto, .nft, .x, .wallet, .bitcoin, .dao, .888, .zil, and .blockchain)

  • Bonfida (.sol)

  • Polkadot Name System (.dot)

  • Tezos Domains (.tez)

  • Hedera (.hbar)

  • Syscoin (.sys)

  • (.klay)

Merging with Open-Source Identity Stacks

In a potential future iteration of Threely Vn release, we envision the ability for users to customize their trust management stack to supplementary, interchangeable infrastructures that provide self-sovereign trust services, such as Polygon ID (Iden3 stack). Threely’s team is closely monitoring this feature’s market viability potential for a release in the future. We place great value on interchangeable trust management stacks, its alignment with Web3’s ownership, composability, and privacy ethos, and are committed to continuously evaluating its potential for inclusion in Threely Identities.

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