Threely Identity

Branded identities for your users, community, DAOs, NFTs, teams, contracts, causes, and more.

Threely Addresses Outline

A Threely address is a self-sovereign, blockchain-agnostic, decentralized identity that is minted on the Threely Super Layer and acts as an entry point to users entering Threely's ecosystem. A Threely Address is a three-word address separated by two periods. For example: build.on.threely,,

Gateway to Web3

We believe that using Threely's identity stack as an entry point is an ideal flow to onboard non-native end-users to Web3, compared to traditional approaches. Currently, wallets come first, and identities come later. Threely addresses position itself as a gateway to Web3 — Identity first, then automated wallets, management, payments, and user-lifecycle second, akin to Gmail.

For Communities

Threely Build offers developers, builders and communities hyper-local branded Threely Identities. As the name suggests, Threely Identities are branded and personalized for the developer group by having the first word in the 3-word-combination configured to their liking, in most cases, their organization name.

These universal identities and profile pages can be used across Web3 for your dApp's users, infrastructure developers, protocol team members, DAO's community, NFT holders, smart contracts, causes, and more. Learn more about various use cases.

Verified Addresses and Profiles

Verified profiles and Identities can be used by businesses, creators, influencers, and organizations diving into Web3. Verified identities make it easy for your audience to search and find you using one address on all blockchains. These identities could be your dApp's crypto deposit address, a donation page, a smart contract address, or simply your Threely profile address.

Threely profiles for businesses are verified profile pages that can showcase your business, creator page, NFTs, drops, accept payments and recurring payments, and more. These profiles can belong to your core team members, official pages, and more — Threely is what you make of it. Learn more about various use cases.

Inherited features

Branded Threely Identities provided by dApps to their users and communities inherit the same set of features that an end-user of Threely gets. These identities can be used to log in to Threely Companion, use as their profile, send and receive transactions and messages, sign in to dApps, use their reusable zkKYC, and more — on any chain — just like our end-users.


Threely Identities for communities and profile pages will support cosmetic-based customization such as a color scheme for addresses and organization logos or Unicode emojis preceding Threely addresses available on supported platforms and ecosystem applications.

How do I get identities for my users or community?

Fortune 100 or 100 friends, we encourage you to get in touch to integrate Threely.

Is there a verification process?

All you need to get a verified address or profile is to talk to us. Later, we will automate the verification process like Twitter and other platforms.

Tell us about how you want to implement Threely, and ask us any technical questions you have.

Go Beyond Identities

Get more support

Tell us about how you want to implement Threely, and ask us any technical questions you have.

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