Request and Recurring Payments

Enabling SaaS business models, timely-scheduled payments to DAOs and friends
Similar to low-code data transportation like broadcasts and messages, Threely enables cross-chain, blockchain-agnostic transaction requests directly to the user end-point. Frictionless point-of-sale transactions to eliminate the end-user effort and blockchain complexities in receiving payments and setting up recurring payments.
Web3’s first recurring payments infrastructure enables you to build SaaS business models on your dApps, make timely deposits for your DAOs, or send timely crypto to your friends and family starting Q2 2023.
Request payments and recurring payments notifications

How does it work?

This works similarly to Threely broadcasts and messaging and uses the automated computational of the Threely Networks Layer (Smart contracts and cron-jobs) to process transactions on chain. The user only has to approve recurring requests one time, and Threely TNL processes those requests after checking that all validation and security parameters are met. Threely Pay allows users to authorize recurring payments through Threely Companion or Threely Build-powered dApps. This authorization can be enforced by contracts living off-chain (like ToS), on-chain smart contracts, or somewhere in between.

Are there gas fees? What if my wallet does not have enough funds?

There are no gas fees since transactions are handled and executed from the Threely Networks Layer. To help prevent missed payments, Threely sends off-chain and on-chain broadcast reminders leading up to the payment due date. If a wallet doesn't have sufficient balance to cover the cost of the automated transaction and there is no deposit, the transaction will not be attempted. Recipients are able to offer a retry period based on their configuration. This means that if a user's payment fails, the user would have an opportunity to top up their wallet before another payment attempt is made.

Can I cancel and refund the payments?

Yes, you can cancel at any time through Threely Companion or Threely Build powered dApps. Continued access to the service will depend on each recipient's configurations.
There are no refunds on the blockchain; however, the recipient can always decide to send refunds directly from their wallets to users.

Can I change my wallet and the token I use to pay?

Yes, and yes. The business will always get paid in the token they've set up during configuration, and conversions will be handled by Threely.

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