Builders DAO, Governance and Token

Decentralized communication needs decentralized actors

Threely is a decentralized Layer-0 infrastructure protocol. Like many institutions and protocols, Threely, at some point, will also introduce governance using DAOs and/or a proposal structure similar to Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIP). While we build out our solutions and integrate them into the most used infrastructures and dApps of Web3, we're open to hearing more about how our community thinks about a governance structure.

Threely is set to become a standard, universal facilitator of growth in the Web3 ecosystem, and with that vision comes a lot of responsibility and decisions that impact builders and users across the space. The team will take its necessary time to ensure a robust and profound governance structure is set in place for when the time comes. Like Threely, our governance structure is an ongoing development, and we are eager to hear our community's takes on how to move forward, taking its best interests into play. We encourage you to submit a request (Canny) on our feature requests board with ideas you suppose could be impactful. Below is an outline of what we have been able to hash out so far.

Builders DAO

Builders DAO is structured and run by Threely Build's dev team and the developers building on and utilizing Threely in their platforms.

The goal is to utilize the Threely ecosystem (partner blockchain and dApps), treasury, and other resources to promote and empower developers in a chain-agnostic community, to build using Threely in their dApps.

The inception of a vote-based grants system and/or a venture capital arm, structured (GPs x DAO x LPs). Backing competent companies that align with the reciprocal growth of Threely's ecosystem.


Governance for Infrastructure and protocol level upgrades and changes. Governance happens both on-chain and off-chain, with a wide variety of stakeholders involved in the process.

Stakeholders on a high level will be application users, tooling developers, operators, protocol developers, and $THREELY Token holders (read Token).

Governance is a highly sophisticated mechanism that demands additional resources and studies compared to Builder's DAO. Ergo we will be establishing the DAO first and the governance mechanism later.


To us, tokenomics is a design exercise that leverages classical and behavioral economic principles and complex mathematical models. Our goal is to use thoughtful design through incentivization, punishments, and governance to drive positive contributions within our ecosystem to achieve shared goals and objectives.

Threely does not have a token at launch. Similar to our governance mechanism, the team wants to commit its mandated time to construct a refined token architecture with its rudimentary values and utility firmly integrated with our infrastructure value so that market forces have limited to no impact on its functioning and volatility.

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