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Threely's helps you build frictionless, user-friendly Web3 product experiences that put blockchain complexities behind the scenes.

Our Vision

The barrier to entry in Web3 is incredibly high. There are too many wallets, blockchains, complex processes, and a tedious UX that Web3 natives and non-natives are cluttered with. There’s an unforgiving learning curve, and with so much to be overwhelmed with, how can we expect novice users to enter the world of Web3?
We work day in and day out to build and help developers build Web3's most fluent and intuitive dApps. We want to establish ourselves as an embedded facilitator of growth in Web3. By offering Threely Build to the industry, we help developers cast a wider net and build simpler, practical user-interaction flows to onboard a larger part of the internet and retain them longer with intuitive processes within dApps.
Threely doesn’t only envision a future where Web3 can be accessible to all - we build for it. We are breaking barriers and building products to enable a fluent and intuitive Web3 where users feel right at home.

Why Threely Build?​​

Threely's decentralized, plug-and-play layer-0 infrastructure, called the Super Layer, provides Web3 developers with a toolset to quickly transform conventional onboarding and user-experience flows in their dApps by abstracting away unnecessarily complex pieces of technical processes that act as a friction point between dApps and end-users while retaining blockchain technology's best inherent qualities.
  • Developer Experience -- We believe dApp development should be as straightforward as possible. Threely's plug-and-play APIs and SDKs are an all-in-one, low-code solution for optimizing applications utilizing the features of Threely Super Layer while facilitating a set-and-forget developer experience.
  • Composable by Design -- Our plug-and-play solutions are flexible and capable of being wrapped upon custom protocols. These solutions are extendable, support merging, and co-exist with custom protocols, allowing for reusability and composability.
  • Growth First -- Whether you're Fortune 100 or 100 friends, Threely, at its core, helps you build better dApps — to take your dApp from a single protocol to the agnostic world of Web3 and target a broader range of communities, onboard more users easily, and retain them longer to build your community.

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Something missing?​​

If you find issues with the documentation or have suggestions on how to improve the documentation or the project in general, please submit a request (Canny) for us on our feature requests board. This allows us to appropriately triage issues, track demand across users, and align requested changes with our roadmap - which is also featured on Canny.
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